Kiarrcats of Ryll

About Ryll

Ryll from space

Ryll is a relatively small planet, about the same size and composition of our own world. Seem from space it is a striking sight, with its dual moons and narrow rocky ring system. As can be imagined, nights on Ryll are spectacular, with two moons to light it up, and the ring appearing as a copper arch cutting across the sky.

Map of Ryll with major place names

Much of Ryll's land consists of the continent of Hrimroul and its southern twin Morou. The rest is divided into the minor continents of Rouen, Hashun, Tikikiarshu, and Mauroum, as well as major island clusters and smaller, unmapped islands.

About these maps

The base maps are randomly generated via Fractal Terrains. I mapped the biomes myself using a copy exported to GIMP. The continental maps are also made with GIMP, using a charcoal brush for a more painterly look.

The planet from space view was created using a web app, the link to which I don't currently have. I'll give due credit when I can dig it up!

I'll fully admit to not being as rigid as I normally am with the science here. There's no real consequences to having a ring and an extra moon beyond 'they look cool' and Fractal Terrains doesn't generate the most believiable of landscapes. That's okay. Ryll's a let your hair down a bit, have some fun kind of world, it makes sense as it is. I did try to be more accurate with the biome placement, but that's my personal Thing so it was always going to happen.